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FISH Token


💠 Token Information

Contract address
Maximum supply
Market information, charts and more:

⛏️ Emission Rate

The emission rate before max supply was: 0.8 $FISH/block.

🤝 Fees

10% of the emission rewards (0.08 $FISH) were sent to the developer’s address.
These fees will be used for further partnerships & future development.

📦 Maximum Supply

The maximum supply of 3 million $FISH was reached on: July 29th 2021.
Minting was stopped 250 $FISH early to account for referral commissions which will be minted as the old farms/pools are harvested.
As planned, the ownership of the $FISH was renounced by Polycat after max supply was hit:

🐳 Top 3 Wallets

The cautious investor may have noticed that the top 3 $FISH wallets account for a large percentage of the supply. 🙀
Fear not, fur-ends--these aren't whales. They are:
  • masterchef (pools)
  • UNIV2 LP (farms)
  • Developer wallet