๐Ÿ˜ปProject Owners - CAT-LP/White listing FAQ


How would I get started with building liquidity? - The best way to start is at the beginning of your farm before liquidity locks etc are added, creating the LP farms as CAT-LP this is where you can find the factory contract

How do I whitelist my token on the Polycat DEX? - To request a whitelist for a token please go to github and fork our token list, create a branch, make the changes to add your token, commit your branch and push to your repo, Go to Polycat github page and submit a pull request.

How do I start gaining swap fees on my native token pairs? - $200,000 (200k) worth of native token pair liquidity will want to be viewable via info.polycat.finance under tokens before applying for the incentive. If you think that the information is incorrect please do contact us.

If you're a farm owner or participating in a place that allows $FISH staking but isn't listed here, please let us know via Discord or Telegram alternately our Feedback form

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