Why work with us?

Working with Polycat is the best in the space there isn't just one benefit, there are there multiple potential benefits, check them out below!

Polycat vs competitorsPolycatCompetitors

Potential Front-end token listing on Polycat



Access to liquidity incentives for native LP swaps



Exposure to the user base through a tank



Exposure to the user base through a potential DEX farm



Emphasis on safety



Free potential vault hosting



An AMA to allow others to DYOR regarding the project



**Unlocking all of these benefits can be done by following a few simple steps that we will outline below! โคต๏ธ

These are some first steps towards making a project trustworthy - This is subject per project but a good way to start:

  • Having a RugDoc review completed & passed or an audit completed depending on the project

  • Clearly display in the documentation the schedule for tokenomics, deposit fees usage, team/developer cut and having it match what is displayed on Polygonscan

  • Lock your initial liquidity with CATLP for 6+ months

  • If developer allocations aren't vested, complete Rugdocs KYC process to signal transparency.

Unlocking each feature



You can provide tokens for a tank at any time to learn more about Tank collabs, visit the page:to learn more.

Tanks provide exposure to the community

Vaults/Burning vaults

Vaults can be requested, to have vaults created the project needs to be low risk without potentially rug code and proxies. We're currently not taking vault requests as we upgrade our contracts.

For burning vaults, you will need to reach out to us directly to work out if available and discuss the use for your project.

Token white-listing

Having $100k+ native token liquidity for 1 week

Follow steps inProject Owners - CAT-LP/White listing FAQAnd reach out to let us know.

Liquidity incentives Tier 1

200k native token liquidity for 2 weeks

For reaching liquidity incentives for Polycat this is best done by using CAT LPs on your platform (This can be in addition to other DEX LPs, we're inclusive it will just be harder to reach)

10% of the 0.14% swap fee generated through your native token pairs

Liquidity incentives Tier 2

500k of native token liquidity for 2 weeks

25% of the 0.14% swap fee generated through your native token pairs

DEX Farm pair

Having 800k of Native token liquidity for 1 week with previously having 200k+ Native token liquidity for 2 weeks

We will create a PAW-Native farm on our DEX. If you want a Native/Blue-chip or both farms you can provide a tank

For any questions/contact please reach out via telegram/discord.

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