Polycat Finance

Start $FISHing

Have you setup your wallet (i.e., Metamask) for the Polygon blockchain? Get connected, before starting to $FISH!
You can get started immediately by swapping tokens for $FISH or $PAW on Polycat, or other DEXes .
Here's how you can get started quickly using Polycat as a Liquidity Provider (LP):
  • 🐟 You can get $FISH and $PAW directly via Polycat as listed tokens.
  • 🌊 If you want to stake an LP token, then provide liquidity on Polycat.
  • 👨‍🌾 Select one of our Farms.
  • Approve the contract, if it's your first time. Depositing will then be enabled.
  • Deposit an amount for staking, and press Confirm.
That's it! We've prepared our bait, and now we simply wait for a $PAW-some catch! 🎣😼