Polycat Finance


Polycat is a value-oriented, sustainable and decentralized hybrid yield optimizer (AMM and yield aggregator) running on the Polygon blockchain.
Launching May 2021, Polycat Finance was one of the first yield farms on Polygon, with an extremely passionate and knowledgeable team. We've been steadily growing since then, to become one of the the biggest players on Polygon.
We're proud of our community, who constantly support, engage and motivate us! 🙏🐱
We've got more features coming in the future, such as $PAW lottery and a Stablecoin, Please see our Roadmap and Medium articles to check out what's cooking!
We want to create the ultimate decentralized platform, purrfect for all your DeFi needs. Never look back! 😺


Polycat has more features than you can shake a $FISH🐟 at! Check out some of our $PAWsome benefits below!
The Polycat AMM delivers swapping capability and even better value to you through lower fees! 🧧😺
There are many, many benefits to having our own AMM, such as better control over swap fees, better partnerships and a stronger structure to build the ecosystem.
Earn $PAW and swap fees while staking your favourite token pair.
Polycat’s optimized yield strategies ensure you get some of the best competitive rates on your cryptoassets out there!
Think of vaults as smart farms, where you don’t need to go through the hassle of harvesting rewards, selling half, adding liquidity and re-staking those LP tokens.
Whether for pools or single token vaults, you don’t have to manually harvest and compound your rewards anymore.
Your trust and peace of mind is critical to us: Polycat has been built ground-up with security in mind.
  • Our base code has been audited numerous times. We’re using the most secure, audited and battle-tested code, to better protect your funds. 🐛🔨😼
  • Migrator functions have been removed: no rug-pulls here! 🔐
  • New code is audited before introduction, by multiple reputable smart contract reviewers. 🕵️‍♀️📃
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